How to Open Android AVD/SDK (Android Virtual Device) manager inside Webstorm / Phpstorm on Windows (simple workaround)

Some of you might think “why would I need to open AVD inside Webstorm?”, and maybe even be correct, as the newest versions of Android Studio working on the Intellij Engine as well(and also doing it pretty well).

But, the programmers that are working with WebStorm or PhpStorm on the daily, they wouldn’t want to move to Android Studio every time they decide to work on a React Native project.

As one of those “programmers”, I have found a simple workaround that works for me. Follow this steps, and you will be able to use Android AVD within WebStorm in no-time.

  1. Open a new React Native project in WebStorm or PhpStorm.
  2. After the new React Native project has been created, open that same project with the Android Studio IDE
  3. Run the Android AVD as you usually would
    Android AVD
  4. Close Android Studio
  5. Go back to WebStorm or PhpStorm and run(with the react native cli) the usual command, “react-native run-android” and that would open the app inside of the Android AVD(if you see an error, refresh the Android AVD using the usual double-click on R.

That’s it, and now you can enjoy working inside PhpStorm or WebStorm while running the comfortable Android AVD emulator.

BTW, from the screenshots, you might see that I am following The Complete React Native and Redux Course by Stephen Grider, if you are interested in learning React Native, I highly recommend checking out his course on Udemy.


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